Sometime Before Midnight (NEW YEAR’S EVE)

My Braided updo

 Today I decided to visit my blog after a very long long drought. I am finally going to sign off on one of my resolutions for the last quarter of 2012; to write about something on my blog.

So now what have I got to say? just a quick recap on some of the things I learnt in the cause of the year.

  • I learnt to always have a goal, a dream or a vision of what you want the future to look like because what you paint in the canvas of your mind, may one day become a masterpiece that will earn you a fortune in finances, in emotions or in intellect.
  • Never be afraid to admit to being wrong or sorry or clueless. it just means you are opening your mind to learn a new thing.
  • Believe in your abilities to do things differently in your own special way, even your mentors or those you look up to have some kind of originality. You need to carve a niche for yourself as well.
  • Open your mind and heart to love. It’s the best cure for depression, and the lack of it can easily take you back to being depressed. I conquer the lack of not being loved enough by having the believe that God Almighty, the Supreme Being has so much love for me, that no matter what, He will always be there to help.
  • Bury all grudges. It’s such an expensive habit to keep up. Sister/ Brother puleease! wouldn’t you rather spend on more productive feelings? beats me.
  • Tell it the way it is while bearing in mind not to hurt the feeling of the other person.
  • Give willingly and cheerfully your Love, Money, gifts, time, words of encouragement and prayers.
  • Don’t take ‘NO’ for an answer when you know there is a ‘YES’ lingering behind the negative response.
  • Be genuinely interested about a new topic in politics, economics, fashion, health and lifestyle and spiritual growth.
  • Be kind to family and friends and to strangers.
  • Make no mistake about this: whatever you think you are going through, it shall pass. I always tell myself, ‘Ronke, this too shall pass.’
  • Pick up an activity that is fun, enjoyable and you do with friends. its salsa for me and I’m going to be active in the coming year.

I can go on, but I’d rather make it brief. no need for TMI.

From me to you,

Do have a lovely New Year’s Eve celebration.





One thought on “Sometime Before Midnight (NEW YEAR’S EVE)

  1. Thanks Rodeo. Your tips for living are really universal, and would come in handy in the new year. I would pick at least one thing from your laundry list of tips, and ensure I apply it till it becomes a habit.

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