Features from My Limited Edition Human Relationship Bag Designed By EXPERIENCE

Figuratively speaking, If you don’t own a personal limited edition bag designed by Experience, then you are yet to attend your debutante ball in the hall of Life. These bags are in different shapes and sizes, from a clutch, to a carry on luggage. Some people acquire one, others have a closet full. I just have a satchel at the moment, and I’d love to share its features with you.

1) Its important you love yourself, believe in your capabilities to achieve set goals, and have faith in a Supreme being. I believe in God Almighty, I’m grateful I was born into a Christian home, and I feel blessed to be able to grow in the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of my Christian faith everyday.

2) Accept your background. Be proud of your heritage. Love your family, no matter how dysfunctional it may be, and respect each member for their individuality

3) Honour your parents. Forgive and learn from their mistakes. When they grow old, be their strength in their weakness

4) Make friends, build friendships. Reward your friends’ loyalty, forgive and move on on their betrayals to befriend again, or to beware of. When you have a friend who can scold you for something you did wrong one moment, and shares a good laugh and a meal with you the other, then he/she is a Keeper for life!

5) Fall in love. If you get your heart broken, by all means cry! Healing and maturity will come when you forgive and let go of the hurt. You will be better off for it.

6) Be nice and courteous to strangers. Learn to give sincere compliments with a genuine smile. Some have built lasting and strong relationships from these first acts of kindness

7) Be honest to yourself and to those around you. Its a key to contentment and inner peace

8) See criticism as a repair and maintenance tool that makes you become a better and upgraded YOU.

9) Encourage and empower others in whatever capacity you can. Its a start to changing the world!

10) Share your experiences. If someone can learn from it, then you have shone your light and automatically given permission to another to do the same.

Now that you know the features of my bag, I wonder what yours have. Please do share.



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