Ten Tips I learnt from my Grandmother on being a woman

1. A woman should never deprive herself of sleep. Your body needs it more than you know


2.  Always pray in the mornings when you wake up and at night when you go to sleep. It keeps your mind at rest










3. Be sure to always have a jar of shea butter and coconut oil at home, your skin and hair needs it to be youthful.











4. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. (Grandma had a garden of fresh vegetables and fruits at the backyard, she frowns at all processed foods)









5. Love water. Take it and give it freely











6. A woman shouldn’t frown at chores or walking long distance. It helps to toughen your bones and make u strong



7. Clothes and jewelries adorns a woman, wear it with grace and compliment it with a smile

8. Fall in love. Your soul will rejoice at the memory

9. Embrace ageing with grace and acceptance, you will find serenity in the process







10. Have a source of income. Its boost your confidence when you see yourself achieving something






I shared these tips on my blog, because I always want to remember them. She has so much grace in her that if she was educated, given the opportunity, she would have become an icon of beauty and style in her generation.

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