Urban Clothing In Lagos. Live Mechanics is One going on Ten

The urban/street clothing style was my style growing up as a teenager, because I was a big fan of the group TLC. I loved Queen Latifah, Aaliyah and Da brat. Then there was Missy Elliot with her different rhythm and dance steps. Those were the ladies. The men were Snoop Dooggy, Mc Hammer, Kid n Play, the group,  Arrested Development, Naughty by Nature. These artist had urban style; how can I forget the days of the bandana head bands, the  oversized clothing, the timberland boots etc, The fashion was and still is infused in Hip Hop and Rap music. If you love Hip Hop and Rap, you’ll will appreciate street fashion and vise versa.

Fast forward to the future, Live Mechanics is a clothing brand based in The United States owned by a Nigerian. Their designs are urban, creative versatile and trendy. It pitches its tent in the street style of fashion. They opened their flagship store at the Adeniran Ogunsanya Shopping Mall in Surulere, Lagos Nigeria about a year ago, and now it seems like they have been around for years . Its urban flavor opened a different scene in Lagos fashion and music, so it is no surprise that you will find Nigerian hip hop and rap artist and their fans wearing a Live Mechanics design.

Live Mech T-shirt

LM Denim Pants

LM Polo

LM Shorts

LM Jacket

I love the fact that the brand reminds us of the marriage of urban clothing with hip hop and rap. When I see celebrities and people in Nigeria wearing a Live Mechanics jacket, I am proud, because I know the music and fashion industry in Nigeria is growing.

As Live Mechanics celebrates its one year anniversary next week with a blow out sale event and a meet and greet with artists, I wish the team many more years of clothing success.



Ten Tips I learnt from my Grandmother on being a woman

1. A woman should never deprive herself of sleep. Your body needs it more than you know


2.  Always pray in the mornings when you wake up and at night when you go to sleep. It keeps your mind at rest










3. Be sure to always have a jar of shea butter and coconut oil at home, your skin and hair needs it to be youthful.











4. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. (Grandma had a garden of fresh vegetables and fruits at the backyard, she frowns at all processed foods)









5. Love water. Take it and give it freely











6. A woman shouldn’t frown at chores or walking long distance. It helps to toughen your bones and make u strong



7. Clothes and jewelries adorns a woman, wear it with grace and compliment it with a smile

8. Fall in love. Your soul will rejoice at the memory

9. Embrace ageing with grace and acceptance, you will find serenity in the process







10. Have a source of income. Its boost your confidence when you see yourself achieving something






I shared these tips on my blog, because I always want to remember them. She has so much grace in her that if she was educated, given the opportunity, she would have become an icon of beauty and style in her generation.