Purple Tiger, Yellow Dragon (Colour blocking parade)

I’m walking down the street of Awolowo Road, Ikoyi under a very smiley sun, just as I was about to pick an okada (motorbike) back to my office, I spot a young lady going into an eatry. She was dressed in green shirt, red skirt, and red high-heeled shoes. The first thoughts that crossed my mind was: ‘is it christmas? Santa must have a new hot girlfriend in town’. It took me a while to stop being amused and accept that she was just being trendy in a a not so colour-blocking way.

I find the colour-blocking trend really interesting. Two years ago, it was called colour riot, and who ever was cut dead in contrasting colours was tagged ¬†unfashionable. Fast forward to 2011, mixing up colours is now trendy and fetching. Truth be told, I am of the opinion that fashion as no rules, just a voice. If you can speak the languages of style, elegance, poise and charisma and you understand the languages of Vogue, harper’s Bazar, GQ, Instyle, Mania, then u will be just fine.

purple n yellow maxi dress. courtesy ASOS

Clothes are meant to be comfortable. They should exude the aura of your personality before you speak. Colour blocking should be fun and interesting. The maxi dress is great as an attire to pick up the kids from school or day at the mall.

colour block full skirt dress. courtesy ASOS

Combining the right colours is very important when colour-blocking. Choose shades that are pleasant to the eyes. Consider the ocassion and the time of the day before putting colours together.

Colour-block Bandeau dress with Grey stripe. courtesy ASOS

Another thing to consider when colour-blocking is to have a mental picture of a plain canvas in your head. what colour would u like to see? what colours will make you calm, drive you wild? or just simply charm you?

There is no limit to colour-blocking, just have fun with it. but when you look at your image in the mirror, ask yourself. Colours, colours on my body, what do you say to people about me?



Before Now

Is there a word to describe my career path? maybe there is, but a lot of people have said I am confused, but I think I have a mind filled with different ideas and opportunities to exploit, that its hard for me to decide on one thing to coast my sail on. There was this time I wanted to be an actress. My mama said I have always been a drama queen since I was a baby, and I kind of knew how to pull the crowd to myself; I believe her. The moment I saw Cleopatra, I wanted to be The Black Elizabeth Taylor. She acted the movie so well, I couldn’t see her in another role other than Cleopatra resurrected. She was magic on screen, God bless her diva soul.

Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra

Then came the period I wanted to be the first female catholic priest( thats how far my mind travels- centuries from now). It could be the compassionate and oratory part of me wanting to burst loose. Well, there are female altar servers now in the church, who knows, the position of priest might be vacant for a woman to take the role in the nearest future. I remember The period I wanted to be the black Martha Stewart, the female Michael Schumacher(he is so cool), the African Naomi Campbell( I was cheated by gravity, i just couldn’t grow beyond 5feet 6inches) and some other famous folks. ¬†I was more drawn to my creative personalty. Writing became a way to express myself in ways I couldn’t do in words. Then I took to writing poems, such bliss. Then came university; my path to intellectual freedom and my dream of being my country’s ambassador, but I had to let that go because I also want to be a fantastic mum to my children when they arrive. So you see, I wanted to be a lot of things because I discovered I had a bit of everything in me. In all of these, the things I find prevalent is my love for music, fashion, beauty, food, meeting people, traveling and the arts. I do love the business aspect, who wouldn’t love smilling to the bank everyday, but I haven’t gotten there yet.

one of my favorite things

Now, I just want to do want I love, not just for fun only, but with a kind of discipline and passion that will give me a sense of purpose and pride to get out of bed in the mornings.