Call Me Beautiful

‘I am not beautiful!’ was what the beautiful young lady said to me. I couldn’t understand how she could just stand there in all of that beauty I see and lament that she isn’t beautiful.

In my opinion, she had beautiful olive skin, a Cocacola bottle figure, an intelligent mind, soft voice and very pleasant personality. I couln’t fathom what she saw, or in this case, didn’t see has not to call herself beautiful.

I am currently enrolled in Beauty College and I have been so blessed in this pass few weeks by friends and tutors who are constantly making me aware of the beauty industry. I must tell you, I love it. Remember Charley in the Chocolate Factory, and Alice in Wonderland? That’s me now. I absolutely love it!

what makes you or the other person beautiful? Is it characterized by physical appearances or unique personality? I believe it is both and we all have it!

I have come to appreciate that beauty is in many forms, shapes, shades and sizes. It is the kinky curly hair of the African woman, the long luxurious hair of the Indian Woman, it is in the eyes of the Chinese lady and the nose of the European woman. You can find it the fairness of the Scandinavian girl, and in the figure of the Latin damsel. It is in the iris of the blond and the lips of the African bride. Even little body parts like the nails, the teeth, the little mole or birth mark; the lines of the palm; the lines on the face or the eyelashes are wonders that exude beautiful.

I see beauty everyday, and the same beauty most times becomes our own insecurity and discomfort. The things others admire about us are the very things we want to get rid off. The skin tone; shape of the eyes, lips; nose; and body are termed misfit of who we are or perceive to be.

so what if you are the way you are?

I am the way I am, even though I have a broad nose and I wish I had a pointed one. I also wish I had fuller figure in the hips, butt and bust area. My hair is afro-kinky curls, still I wear weaves to look European. I’ve always wanted to be taller and to have a dimple. I wished I was funny, a genius and an actress. I wanted the talent of a best selling author  and the brain of a Neuro- Surgeon among many other requests , yet I am here. I am me; 5feet 6inches tall, broad nose, Afro Kinky hair, dark skinned, moderate bust and hip, short nails, not so funny with chubby cheeks. I am a serial chocolate and dairy product lover, which means I may never be a size 4. I love to read but can’t write a book. I love movies but haven’t been in a production. I am me, I am here. There are some things I may want to change about myself, and while I work at it, I choose to see myself as a Beautiful woman.

So when next you see me, please if you don’t mind, do CALL ME BEAUTIFUL because that is how I see you.



Edge of Glory


when you start a journey you have the destination in mind. How you will get there may not be clear, but you are sure you will . Now not many people know what to expect, but few are aware of what awaits them.

For me, I am among the group of people who do not know what to expect, but unlike many in my league, I am so very positive it will be rewarding, satisfying and so well worth it.

So I quit my job last month to pursue my dream in the beauty and fashion world. Some have said its a wrong move to make; to dwell on the uncertainties of the future is for dreamers and creatives.

Well said. So why was I wired to be this woman; a creative at heart, a passionate lover of all things beautiful. Maybe I’m not highly trained in the logic and analytic school, still why struggle to fit in the logical world when I am made to be outstanding and become the standard as a creative person?

Most times, in choosing a life long career/work, monetary gain should never be the focus, especially for a woman with all her glorious personalty. She needs to be balanced and well rounded in the society. I am a strong believer of the woman being the nucleus of the society. if she isn’t functioning as she should, her decisions, her believes, her desires will affect her environment.

ImageWe need more fulfilled women in the home today.

We often times misplace our priorities in life and ultimately forget who we are or who we are meant to be. This for me is dangerous. I see life in many ways, but tonight I want you to be patient with me as I see life as a puzzle. If every piece of life’s puzzle is represented by a human being living a purposed filled live, one in which he is naturally wired, then what happens when that piece is missing? the puzzle will never be complete. The connecting lines will become an empty void. The big picture will never be seen…

We all deserve to fit into that puzzle. Make it count. Play our part and be grateful we contributed in bringing God’s perfect and glorious picture to life for the whole world to see.

Live. Love. Learn.



Sometime Before Midnight (NEW YEAR’S EVE)

My Braided updo

 Today I decided to visit my blog after a very long long drought. I am finally going to sign off on one of my resolutions for the last quarter of 2012; to write about something on my blog.

So now what have I got to say? just a quick recap on some of the things I learnt in the cause of the year.

  • I learnt to always have a goal, a dream or a vision of what you want the future to look like because what you paint in the canvas of your mind, may one day become a masterpiece that will earn you a fortune in finances, in emotions or in intellect.
  • Never be afraid to admit to being wrong or sorry or clueless. it just means you are opening your mind to learn a new thing.
  • Believe in your abilities to do things differently in your own special way, even your mentors or those you look up to have some kind of originality. You need to carve a niche for yourself as well.
  • Open your mind and heart to love. It’s the best cure for depression, and the lack of it can easily take you back to being depressed. I conquer the lack of not being loved enough by having the believe that God Almighty, the Supreme Being has so much love for me, that no matter what, He will always be there to help.
  • Bury all grudges. It’s such an expensive habit to keep up. Sister/ Brother puleease! wouldn’t you rather spend on more productive feelings? beats me.
  • Tell it the way it is while bearing in mind not to hurt the feeling of the other person.
  • Give willingly and cheerfully your Love, Money, gifts, time, words of encouragement and prayers.
  • Don’t take ‘NO’ for an answer when you know there is a ‘YES’ lingering behind the negative response.
  • Be genuinely interested about a new topic in politics, economics, fashion, health and lifestyle and spiritual growth.
  • Be kind to family and friends and to strangers.
  • Make no mistake about this: whatever you think you are going through, it shall pass. I always tell myself, ‘Ronke, this too shall pass.’
  • Pick up an activity that is fun, enjoyable and you do with friends. its salsa for me and I’m going to be active in the coming year.

I can go on, but I’d rather make it brief. no need for TMI.

From me to you,

Do have a lovely New Year’s Eve celebration.





Features from My Limited Edition Human Relationship Bag Designed By EXPERIENCE

Figuratively speaking, If you don’t own a personal limited edition bag designed by Experience, then you are yet to attend your debutante ball in the hall of Life. These bags are in different shapes and sizes, from a clutch, to a carry on luggage. Some people acquire one, others have a closet full. I just have a satchel at the moment, and I’d love to share its features with you.

1) Its important you love yourself, believe in your capabilities to achieve set goals, and have faith in a Supreme being. I believe in God Almighty, I’m grateful I was born into a Christian home, and I feel blessed to be able to grow in the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of my Christian faith everyday.

2) Accept your background. Be proud of your heritage. Love your family, no matter how dysfunctional it may be, and respect each member for their individuality

3) Honour your parents. Forgive and learn from their mistakes. When they grow old, be their strength in their weakness

4) Make friends, build friendships. Reward your friends’ loyalty, forgive and move on on their betrayals to befriend again, or to beware of. When you have a friend who can scold you for something you did wrong one moment, and shares a good laugh and a meal with you the other, then he/she is a Keeper for life!

5) Fall in love. If you get your heart broken, by all means cry! Healing and maturity will come when you forgive and let go of the hurt. You will be better off for it.

6) Be nice and courteous to strangers. Learn to give sincere compliments with a genuine smile. Some have built lasting and strong relationships from these first acts of kindness

7) Be honest to yourself and to those around you. Its a key to contentment and inner peace

8) See criticism as a repair and maintenance tool that makes you become a better and upgraded YOU.

9) Encourage and empower others in whatever capacity you can. Its a start to changing the world!

10) Share your experiences. If someone can learn from it, then you have shone your light and automatically given permission to another to do the same.

Now that you know the features of my bag, I wonder what yours have. Please do share.



When Creativity Meets Design

I recently watched Moschino’s cheap and chic ready to wear spring summer 2012 Milan show on FTV and I was fascinated by the market place, fruits theme and designs. The creative way in which the designer depicted fruits and vegetables in the clothes were what appealed to me. These are some of my favourites culled from

The grean, black and white apple print halter maxi







All the designs appeal to me. I can picture them on women of different body types.  Slender, Curvaceous, and big women can all rock this looks.

My term to best describe  Moschino’s look is ‘Juicy and refreshing’, just right for Spring and Summer.


Urban Clothing In Lagos. Live Mechanics is One going on Ten

The urban/street clothing style was my style growing up as a teenager, because I was a big fan of the group TLC. I loved Queen Latifah, Aaliyah and Da brat. Then there was Missy Elliot with her different rhythm and dance steps. Those were the ladies. The men were Snoop Dooggy, Mc Hammer, Kid n Play, the group,  Arrested Development, Naughty by Nature. These artist had urban style; how can I forget the days of the bandana head bands, the  oversized clothing, the timberland boots etc, The fashion was and still is infused in Hip Hop and Rap music. If you love Hip Hop and Rap, you’ll will appreciate street fashion and vise versa.

Fast forward to the future, Live Mechanics is a clothing brand based in The United States owned by a Nigerian. Their designs are urban, creative versatile and trendy. It pitches its tent in the street style of fashion. They opened their flagship store at the Adeniran Ogunsanya Shopping Mall in Surulere, Lagos Nigeria about a year ago, and now it seems like they have been around for years . Its urban flavor opened a different scene in Lagos fashion and music, so it is no surprise that you will find Nigerian hip hop and rap artist and their fans wearing a Live Mechanics design.

Live Mech T-shirt

LM Denim Pants

LM Polo

LM Shorts

LM Jacket

I love the fact that the brand reminds us of the marriage of urban clothing with hip hop and rap. When I see celebrities and people in Nigeria wearing a Live Mechanics jacket, I am proud, because I know the music and fashion industry in Nigeria is growing.

As Live Mechanics celebrates its one year anniversary next week with a blow out sale event and a meet and greet with artists, I wish the team many more years of clothing success.



Ten Tips I learnt from my Grandmother on being a woman

1. A woman should never deprive herself of sleep. Your body needs it more than you know


2.  Always pray in the mornings when you wake up and at night when you go to sleep. It keeps your mind at rest










3. Be sure to always have a jar of shea butter and coconut oil at home, your skin and hair needs it to be youthful.











4. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. (Grandma had a garden of fresh vegetables and fruits at the backyard, she frowns at all processed foods)









5. Love water. Take it and give it freely











6. A woman shouldn’t frown at chores or walking long distance. It helps to toughen your bones and make u strong



7. Clothes and jewelries adorns a woman, wear it with grace and compliment it with a smile

8. Fall in love. Your soul will rejoice at the memory

9. Embrace ageing with grace and acceptance, you will find serenity in the process







10. Have a source of income. Its boost your confidence when you see yourself achieving something






I shared these tips on my blog, because I always want to remember them. She has so much grace in her that if she was educated, given the opportunity, she would have become an icon of beauty and style in her generation.

Ankara ‘s Permanent Residence Status in Europe and America.

Ankara fabric has come a long way. It use to be that piece of three yards material that my mum gave to us as cover clothes growing up. It was what wives and mothers wore at home to do chores and what eastern Nigerian mothers called wrappers; worn with a lace blouse. Then the Yorubas wore it as a collective material for group of friends, or family members of the celebrant to a party.

Stake of Ankara Fabric in the market

It wasn’t until the new millenium did the true beauty of ankara began to take preeminence in dressing up among the youths. Before now, We would prefer to wear foreign designs to events rather than Ankara. If you are not buying the ‘Aso-ebi’ for the events, then you shouldnt be wearing one.

All that is history now. The rise of the fashion industry has seen to the identification of Ankara as a continental image of beauty, pride and creativity.  Many Nigerian designers fuse  ankara with satin, chiffon, taffeta, lace, and even go as far as bejewelling it. Thanks to designers like Jewel by Lisa, Ituen Basi, owning an ankara design became chic, stylish and original. Say good buy to plain old drappy ankara made for mummy and her friends,

How our mothers wear Ankara

scream ‘Its a lie’ to the mega revamped vavavoom ankara of the twenty first century. Ready to take on the world.

Vlisco designs. Ankara on a journey


It became fashionable to wear ankara to parties, and even more so, ladies began to recreate western designs with the ankara fabric, and bang, the rave was on from Lagos to Monrovia, Tunis to Capetown. With its steady climb in the continent, it was only a matter of time before the world came calling. Then came the designs of L.A.M.B, Box Kitten, and latest of them all, Burberry.

Ankara on the L.A.M.B runway in New York



Boxing Kitten

Boxing Kitten

Boxing Kitten

L.A.M.B displayed ankara designs in its spring 2011 collections. Boxing Kitten is an American self thought designer who has being able to fuse the Ankara with the African-American historical identity. Her designs tell a story; this I love. She is behind the Ankara designs worn by Beyonce, Solange, Alicia  and  Fergie.

Beyonce in ankara design


Solange rocking ankara


Fergie looking hot in Ankara

Gwen Stefani in L.A.M.B

The Brits also welcomed Ankara into their fashion scene. Burberry recently featured ankara fabric in its Prorsum Spring/Summer 2012 Pre Colletion.

Ankara in Burberry’s Prorsum spring/summer 2012 pre collection


Burberry Ankara shirt


ankara hat


Bangles made from ankara

Ankara purse

Ankara is now used to create fashion pieces and accessories. It seems this pretty fabric is hear to stay for a very long time not just as a trend, but as precious pieces that speaks personalty and style for whomever is bold enough to take it on.